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Strategy Development

We are social. The Social Studio develops far-reaching strategies that build engaged communities around your brand by creating, managing and optimising your online presence. It is crucial for brands to map out a clearly defined strategy prior to rolling out engagement campaigns, in order to avoid either poor results, or, worse, reputational crises.

Our strategy development services cover such areas as social insights, planning, audits, competitive analysis, social-platform-mix optimisation as well as content roadmap and production formation. We combine this with best practice experience, key performance indicator recommendations, social media training courses, paid social media strategies aimed at the maximisation of ROI and the establishment of a digital roadmap, social media governance policies, compliance documentation and staff education.

Analytics and Insights

We monitor real-time customer behaviour and apply social media analytics in the measuring, analysing and interpreting the interactions and associations between people, topics and ideas in order to reveal customer sentiment so that we can identify trends which will put you in a position to create products and services better suited to your customer’s wants and needs.

The insights gained through the interpretation of the collected data provides critical customer insights that form the basis of future business and marketing strategies across digital and physical domains. What this means is that we help you to make business cases around investment in social media marketing and community engagement, and help you to reach your objectives.

We do this through the use of best-in-class analytical tools to monitor insights, conversations, feedback, reputation, sentiment, and to uncover influencers, whilst getting a picture of success that can be translated into actionable plans for business and marketing activities tailored to driving the key performance indicators of your business.

App Development

The Social Studio builds social software applications, or social apps, to create brand awareness, for product launches, promotions and competitions. Apps allow for direct brand-consumer engagement that keeps your product or service top of mind and the obvious choice when the purchase decision is made. We build applications with simple, effective user interfaces in order to achieve maximum user interaction and enhanced ROI.

Content Creation & Curation

The Social Studio ensures that your brand is optimally engaged in social media by way of prompting and participating in meaningful conversations with communities and thereby igniting positive word-of-mouth. This is achieved through the leveraging of advocacy programmes, influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, social applications, community building and management, online reputation management and conversation responses.

Our expertise in the field of brand and marketing communication combined with our solid creative, strategic and technology skills perfectly position us to deliver best-in-class solutions, which foster stronger bonds between brands and consumers. In order to keep communities engaged, The Social Studio provides full content creation services that include the design, planning and creation of editorial and multimedia elements.

Community Management

Comprehensive community management and social marketing activities, which are geographically and culturally tailored to specific customer bases, are essential for brands to grow. We offer a fully integrated social media and online reputation management service which includes the building and management of publics, blogger programmes, influencer engagement, content creation, content distribution, content marketing, paid social media, app development, display ads, promotions, social search and strategic partnerships.

Using cutting edge metric-analysis tools, we help you to listen to conversations, across social media platforms, which are relevant to not only your brand, product and services, but also to your competitors and business sector. We conduct conversation audits, influencer research and continuous social media monitoring. We observe brand sentiment and conduct reputation analysis in order to help you to understand what consumers are interested in and what content appeals to them. By being cognoscente of these insights, we can help you to develop your brand’s digital communication strategies and build products that are best suited to what your customers actually want.

Digital Advertising

We design, book and manage creative online marketing campaigns that deliver results. From display ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook adverts to search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and email campaigns, The Social Studio delivers great ad copy coupled to perfectly appropriate copy to get your message across to consumers in a clear and concise manner that delivers traffic and builds brands.